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materials handling

biomass boiler

production plants


suction and filtration


The redler is a mechanical conveyor chain used for the transfer of the biomass and of material of various sizes and degree of moisture, along the duct ensuring a constant and reliable transport at the same time. 

Made entirely of welded steel and reinforced for excellent durability, the entire system is constituted by a stainless steel sheet with a rectangular section in which we find a system of transport chain consisting of vanes that can be realized in PVC, PE or steel. 

The entire structure can be made in most suitable size of the system for which it is intended and, thanks to its shape, it is ideal to overcome steep slopes whilst ensuring excellent protection from the weather and moisture biomass.



The cochlea is a system for the transport of various types of biomass consists of a stainless steel sheet inside which is placed a helical spiral. 

Each system is designed specifically to give the best result depending on the type of material delivered with its specific weight, degree of slip, moisture, distance between loading and unloading, tilt and reach.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are a transportation system with multiple applications in the industrial, food and management of waste disposal. The fabrics for the transport can be replaced according to the type of use of the machine. 

The structure, made entirely of tubular and sheet steel (stainless steel if it is intended for the food sector in compliance with the rules in force) shaped and welded, can be modulated depending on the needs of the customer through the installation of holding sides and covers an excellent defense from interperie, hoppers for loading / unloading of the different materials and devices for the cutting of the product in motion. 

The flexibility and compactness of the structure are reflected in the various possible solutions: the ribbons can in fact be positioned horizontally or inclined arranged with one or more rollers of the crankcase.

Bucket elevator

The bucket elevators are a system for the transport of the biomass in optimum vertical to overcome great differences in height in a reduced space ensuring a constant and homogeneous transport of the biomass thus increasing the time for the production of the plant. 

The system consists of two crates of sheet steel parallel to extremes that have the control stations for management of the system.

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