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materials handling

biomass boiler

production plants


suction and filtration

Container with movable surface

The Box container storage systems are developed horizontally with load capacities from 30 to 120 mc. The boxes are constituted by a movable platen hydraulic suitable for storage and handling of woody biomass plant as wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust and pruning residues. The box is composed of a conveyor belt installed on the ground, consisting of a comb mounted on the appropriate guide rails supported by struts to the plate, working with a reciprocating longitudinal movement. This movement is done through a series of servo-powered and controlled by a solenoid valve installed on the hydraulic unit. The waste sawdust, wood chips or other possible leftovers are then conveyed to a screw conveyor or in a redler. The load capacity and ease of loading / unloading of goods makes our containers with mobile plan the best solution for the logistics enterprises, adaptable to any work situation.

Container con piano mobile
Container con piano mobile
Container con piano mobile
Container con piano mobile

Tank of reinforced concrete with

movable surface

Containment of biomass in reinforced concrete, available in various sizes, equipped with the moving platen hydraulic suitable for the storage and handling of woody biomass such as wood chips, shavings, sawdust and scraps of pruning. The tanks are available in multiple sizes and in more forms. In the case of a square or circular tanks can be installed to replace the conveyor belt to the floor with a claw extractor EB leaf springs. The latter has the function to distribute the stored material in a uniform manner to the various lines of use. The extractor EB is installed in a horizontal position or tilted, and can also be implemented within rooms or silos, over that in the tanks or in containers. This hydraulic mechanism is widely used in the heating field for the feeding of biomass boilers, for the extraction of wood chips, wood chips of wood, planing and pellets. The machine is composed of a rotor portabalestre in special tempered steel, which is pivoted at the center of the base of the dispenser allowing the rotation of the scraper arms constructed in harmonic steel.


Storage system and discharge of loose materials, in powder or small pieces, simple, reliable and accurate consists of a vessel in the shape of a funnel provided with a discharge opening on the bottom that allows the unloading of the material by gravity, with one or more helical augers transport for cargo handling. 

Built to last through the use of solid materials that reduce to a bare minimum maintenance. Thanks to its enormous flexibility our hopper is able to treat the most different types of materials thus adapting to all the needs of the customer. 

Ideal for storage of the pellets.

Silos / Dispenser

Are a system of biomass storage with vertical arrangement, constituted by a frame of cylindrical shape composed of rings in painted steel sheet, equipped with an extraction system for the material stored and / or with filtering battery. 

The silo is possible to vary the model according to the available spaces and to the material to be stored, by varying each feature on customer request.

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