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Ra.Gio Srl wants to be able to communicate in a clear and simple with its customers and that's why we thought a small section in the handbook which will try to clarify the terms that you face every day in our work.


Biomass includes materials from the organic waste from agriculture, forestry and related industries. Biofuels are a clean energy since, their combustion, enters into the environment the same amount of carbon sequestered by the plant during its growth transforming a cost to be incurred in a new opportunity.


The pellets fuel is derived from the dried sawdust compressed into small cylinders.  During the pressing step, thanks to the presence of lignin, (contained in all the wood) is obtained a compact product, from the large energy yield and without the use of industrial additives.

Wood chips

Wood chips are the simple wood waste reduced in small scales through a chipper. 

The wood used is selected using specific criteria, but can come from hedges, vines and any agricultural waste. 

Its calorific value can power plants both small and large size.


The chip is the residue obtained during the processing of a piece of wood for removal through the use of different machines. The difference consists in its shape to swirl or helical determite date by the use of machine tools, creating a continuous removal of the material, give precisely this form.


The sawdust is simply the set of all those fragments produced by the cutting of wood by the use of a saw. 

In common parlance we usually call sawdust.


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